Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bailey Update: Six months and counting!

Bailey, Bubbe and Pops share a special moment together.
My daughter Lauren is so excited that her daughter Bailey is now six months young that she's pulled together a video to celebrate. Truth to tell, I'm pretty darn excited myself. If you need a little smile and want to celebrate along with us, click on this link: Happy birthday (sort of) Bailey!

It's been an exciting adventure so far. Bailey is wiggling about, holding herself up, mostly, turning over a bit and starting to chow down on real food -- finally!

There has been a little playing about with sleep. After only a month or so, Bailey was sleeping through the night. For whatever reason, a few weeks ago she started waking up before the sun peeked over the horizon. So Lauren has tweaked the feeding schedule and we're almost back to a full night's sleep. Can I get an amen out there!

Meanwhile, as some of you know, Bailey, her parents and doggie sisters, are spending quality time with me and Bubbe. There was a little frozen pipe problem back in early January that forced Bailey and her folks out of their home. So we've all been living the good life together.

There's nothing like waking up to a baby yelling for breakfast each morning, especially when she offers up a morning smile that will melt your heart.

Happy half-birthday, Bailey. And just think, only another six months and you'll be ONE!