Monday, August 30, 2010

How I fell hard for a tasty, little treat

The exact moment that I first kissed my sweet, I knew that I was in love. We were somewhere over the Atlantic, 30,000 feet in the heavens when I nibbled away at her crisp, sugary goodness.

Only moments before we had been introduced and it took only seconds for me to strip away her wrap. I of course had the option for a, well, saltier companion. But I was feeling a bit melancholy and knew that nuts wouldn’t satisfy the yearning in my heart.

To my utter delight and amazement, I realized there were actually two goodies to be enjoyed and devoured – a ménage à trios! Ever the gentleman, I asked the lovely Miss Wendy, nodding off in the seat next to me, if she would like a, um, bite? But she yawned, said she wasn’t in the mood and said I should enjoy. And I did!

That was my introduction to Biscoff cookies, a specialty snack produced in Belgian that for years couldn’t be found in the states, and certainly not in the Land of Cotton. Many cookie-holics first came across these crisp, caramelized treats on international flights – coffee, tea, peanuts or Biscoff? And many became addicted to the snack.

Now, I no longer have to pay big bucks to visit some foreign capital to satisfy my Biscoff addiction. Today the cookie can be found in most supermarkets, a euro-sleek package holding 32 pieces – no cholesterol, no artificial colors, 0 grams of trans fat and, drum roll please, only about 40 calories each.

Not long ago I was scarfing down donuts with my morning coffee – 300 calories of saturated fat to start the day. Now my drug of choice is Lotus by Biscoff and the living is good; sweet, too!

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  1. Those Biscoff suckers are addictive... and especially tasty when dunked in coffee. But not too long, lest they disintegrate!

    If I could stop at two, I'd permit myself the luxury of taking them home. But, alas, they are like Girl Scout Thin Mints fresh out of the freezer: Once you start, the entire package is in jeopardy.

    Biscoff cookies are nothing more (or less) than speculaas, (AKA spéculoos, a classic Belgian spiced shortbread cookie. But you can give Lotus Bakeries the credit for introducing them to a whole generation of air travelers.