Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Didn’t know painting could be so entertaining

Not at all sure of the point of today’s post; but you might file it away under the rubric: Everyone is good at something.

For weeks – months, years – workmen have been zipping about our home, ripping stuff down and nailing stuff up. In recent days a crew of painters has taken center stage and I’m fairly certain that very soon – if and when it quits raining – the final touches of our remodeling plan will be finished. Can I get an Amen out there!

Perched in my small office, I’ve watched in wonder as a small army of worker bees circled my house, caulking every opening, then whizzing about with a super-charged sprayer, laying down a fresh coat of primer.

One fellow seemed bored with all this activity, off by himself as his co-workers dashed here and there doing this and that. The first act complete, the idle guy all of a sudden took charge, grabbing a ladder that stretched out forever, centering it at one end of the house and grabbing hold of the sprayer.

In an act of madness and with the help of his painting troopers, he proceeded to lay down a fresh coat of fresh paint, zipping up and down the ladder and quickly covering every inch of siding before maneuvering the ladder a few feet further along the house.

The mad and amazing part of his work is he never completely left the ladder and never touched the ground once he started his little dance. Occasionally he had to call for help when a bit of landscape blocked his path and he was forced to swing around a bothersome bush or tree.

For an hour or so he hopped, skipped and painted; the sprayer and artist managing to complete a task at warp speed that once upon a time took days. Another group moved in a day later to handle the trim, the aerialist momentarily free to tidy up his equipment and practice his amazing moves.

I haven’t checked out the invoice from the painting contractor yet, but if he reads this blog I’m guessing he’ll be adding a 10 percent surcharge for entertainment. In the overall scheme of things, it would probably be money well spent.

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