Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Jewish film festival for the ganze mishpacha!

It’s that time of year again and the lovely Miss Wendy and I are well positioned to set personal records for most films attended at next month’s Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. There are still a few weeks before the annual fest airs its first movie, but we’ve studied the schedule and already purchased tickets for a bunch of stuff – that’s official movie talk for narratives and documentaries.

The really good news is film fest officials have decided that there’s apparently an audience for what they’re offering in the northern suburbs, significantly increasing the number of films to be aired this year in my little corner of the world. The even better news is that one of the selected theaters is only a hop, skip and a short jump from my house.

The movie marathon, at least for Wendy and me, begins with “Wunderkinder”, a German film that focuses on the friendship of three musical prodigies; their passion for music and efforts to remain connected – and alive – after the Nazis invade their homeland.

Over several weeks – the festival begins on Feb. 8 and runs through the end of the month – we’ll be sitting back and enjoying entries from Israel, France, Germany and the U.S.; comedies, dramas and a few documentaries.

One of the highlights worth mentioning is “This Is Sodom”, a bit of comedy fluff from Israel that has attracted huge audiences in the Jewish homeland. It’s being touted as a raucous and bawdy flick in the best tradition of Monty Python and Mel Brooks.

I’m thinking I’ll be bumping into several of my neighbors and oh-so many Members of the Tribe during the run of the festival, all out and about for a little fun and distraction. That’s because event officials have found a magic formula.

The secret? Festival organizers manage each year to offer up a way for Jews of all stripes – those who believe absolutely in the laws of Moses and those who mostly believe in lox and bagels – to come together as a community; a cultural happening that taps into our collective souls.

But if you’re hoping to be part of this happening, you best hurry. Tickets are selling out fast. For additional information and to purchase tickets, just Google Atlanta Jewish Film Festival or click right HERE! No need to thank me. As another blogging friend often says, I’m just a sharing kind of person.

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