Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's the lovely Miss Wendy's special day

The lovely Miss Wendy turns a lovely 62 today and I’ve been lucky enough to share, well, many of those years with her – we’ll be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary in November.

We’ve managed to celebrate her birthday in a variety of ways – surprise parties and a few that were planned; festive meals with family and friends; small, intimate dinners for two! Each was special, a nice memory that collectively, I think, define what we call life. And it’s been a good life that remarkably can only get better.

We’ll gather again today with a few special friends and much of our family – they’re friends, also – to offer our cheers and love to a woman who has always been sweet and gentle and kind.

For whatever reason, my much better half has decided to stay close at my side, balancing out my introspective and world-weary nature with a disposition filled with laughter and smiles, good words and good works and an attitude that always – and I mean always – views the glass of life not just half full but spilling over with joy.

It being my nature, I’m inclined to say, “bah-humbug” at such an upbeat personality. But it’s the lovely Miss Wendy’s special day, so I openly proclaim myself a lucky man and promise to smile, well, until it hurts. Truth to tell, her smile and warm embrace of life – and me – is a present I receive each day.

So happy birthday, Miss Wendy! In my book, you’re lovelier than ever.


  1. Happy, happy birthday Ms. Wendy

  2. To my darling Ms.Wendy - Wishing you a marvelous and happy birthday. The very, very best to you. And the best you have - Ron and you are the "best" there is! May you celebrate many more happy, healthy and fun birthdays...

    Love always

    Ava :)