Monday, September 6, 2010

A night of treif with family, friends and Yrral!

Just about the entire Grebnief clan said “cheese” all together Sunday night when we met at an iconic pizza parlor deep in the Land of Cotton. It was a lovely evening, the proverbial cherry on the day’s ice cream sundae – if you can excuse my mixing metaphors and food groups.

Earlier we had brunched at the Villa Grebnief in the ’burbs, celebrating the lovely Miss Wendy’s day of birth with blintzes, lox and bagels, tuna salad, and kugel, an assortment of pastries, cakes and cookies.

We took a few hours off, then those interested in doing some serious carbohydrate loading gathered at the Mellow Mushroom. First we had to push our collective weight around and pull together three tables – there were 14 of us.

Did I mention it was a lovely evening – low humidity and the temperature diving into the high 70s. There was actually a little chill in the air, a very tiny taste of what we can expect in coming weeks as the torrid days of summer here in the deep south give way to the bliss of autumn.

Brother Yrral – I think he’s a distant relative of Superman’s Dad, Jor-El – set the tone for the evening when he managed to scarf down a few Pizza Pretzels before settling in and looking at the menu. Yma, his darling wife, lovely and, ahhh, svelte, sat quietly at his side as he downed the twisted pizza dough. Meanwhile, the rest of us grazed on greens.

Okay, so there’s only a small measure of truth in any of this. But, hey, Yrral asked that he be mentioned in my blog. Okay, now you’ve been mentioned!

The big truth is that it’s always nice to dine with family. And if there was a prize for gluttony – especially of the sort involving the eyes being bigger than the stomach – then me and my son-in-law, whose initials are JOSH, would have lapped the group.

Forget the salads, calzones, hoagies and other munchies that circled the table. It was me and Joshua – obviously in carb and meat denial – who ordered up the “Mighty Meaty” pizza. In deference to our wives, we agreed to share the pie.

Here’s what it featured: Pepperoni, ham, bacon, ground beef, sausage and extra cheese, thank you very much. We’re talking a super serving of treif that will have me pounding my kosher chest until I’m black and blue and the High Holidays are history.

The good news is that Yrral, Yma and their son – my nephew – Nayr, are headed back home to Odnalro. For such great relatives and good friends, they sure have weird names.

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  1. Let it be known that nephew Nayr had a tofu hoogie...100% parve and healthy.