Monday, October 18, 2010

Cool, creamy, tasty and totally addictive

It’s calling my name and it’s impossible to resist. Even at 2 in the morning, I can feel the tug of the freezer and the tiny pint of rich vanilla ice cream waiting there for my warm embrace. Who am I to say no to such passion?

A bit overstated, but unfortunately true. I’m addicted to ice cream – the cool, creamy texture; the sweet, dee-licious flavors; the sugary high that whisks away all my problems and concerns, at least for a moment.

So I try to keep away from temptation, hiking around the challenge offered up in the frozen desserts aisle at my local supermarket; driving blocks out of my way to avoid the ice cream and yogurt shops that beckon from the distance in my little corner of the world; standing way in the back of the room when everyone else is singing happy birthday to whoever is celebrating and the cake and ice cream takes center stage.

I fail miserably, of course, again and again! For years I managed to keep the stuff out of our house, but in recent months I decided what the heck. My plan was to keep things simple and only bring in a tiny little pint of ice cream and make it last for, um, a couple of days. Do you know how quickly a pint of ice cream can be eaten? I do – and we’re not talking days or hours!

For what it’s worth, I’m certainly not an ice cream snob! Mayfield or Blue Bell work for me just fine, thank you very much. But my little problem has been growing recently and tumbling out of control, now that I’ve dipped into a can of Sheer Bliss.

That’s not a euphemism but the actual name of a new, 100 percent pure, premium ice cream that has caught my attention. Depending on where you live and shop, you might have spotted it in your supermarket’s freezer section. It comes in a non-porous tin can, all the better to protect the quality, taste and longevity of the product. If that sounds like info from a press release, it’s because it’s info from Sheer Bliss’ website.

I have no idea if the cute little can protects the ice cream inside. All I can tell you is the company’s basic product – we’re talking chocolate and vanilla – is as good as it gets. It’s rich and creamy, infused with a taste that only comes from using fresh, all natural ingredients – those, mon ami, are my words!

Which brings me back to my 2 o’clock wakeup call each morning. Sheer Bliss has my number and continues calling my name. Try it if you dare. Just don’t say you weren't warned!

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