Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good friends, food at really good restaurant

The lovely Miss Wendy and I finally got around to checking out Seed Kitchen & Bar over the weekend. It’s a happening new eatery in my little corner of the world that bills itself as a chef-driven, modern American neighborhood restaurant. The buzz has been good – very good!

We met up with weekend pals Susan and John, Peter and Margaret and were seated in a little, yet roomy and comfortable corner of the light and airy dining room – an expansive space filled with an oh-so modern vibe.

Our server, a young woman filled with foodie passion, stumbled just a bit as she worked her way around the menu, detailing a few specials and offering up all the little details that her boss – Chef Doug Turbush – brings to the, ah, table each evening. Have I mentioned there was booze!

To buy a little time before focusing on the evening’s main event, we ordered a couple of appetizers – Pimento Crostinis, featuring country ham, apples and micro celery; and Garlic and Thyme Roasted Mushrooms, cradled lovingly in a pool of soft polenta, truffled pecorino cheese and local greens. Visually exciting and cosmically yummy!

All of this played out over 30 minutes or so, our server and her helpers bustling from here to there; deferential, quietly helpful. Despite being surrounded by dozens of diners – can you say hubbub?—enjoying their special night out, waiters and bus boys dashing about, the evening seemed to be moving along at a casual and lovely pace. I did mention there was drinking, right?

The moment of truth finally came and I opted for comfort food over exotic; Veal & Wild Mushroom Meatloaf, which to my utter delight was served atop a mound of garlic potatoes, all lovingly surrounded by a shallow pool of San Marzano tomato sauce – perhaps the best sauce evah!

Between bits and bites, I noticed that Wendy had yet again boxed herself into a kosher corner – veggie sandwich, thank you very much; John was devouring a thatch – group, gaggle, herd – of grilled shrimp atop a crispy wedge of polenta; and Peter, Margaret and Susan were enjoying something, I think, altogether fishy!

For a few moments all was quiet, just the light tinkling of silverware hitting china, euphonically blended with the rich aroma and delicious taste of our dinners. Enhancing the experience was the artsy and fancified presentation of each dish. Chef Turbush obviously takes pride in paying attention to all the little details, creating on the plate what fine artists manage on canvas. Unlike art patrons at museums, however, we got to eat all the little masterpieces placed before us – and we did, with relish and gusto!

And then it was time for dessert. We went the sharing route because we’re sharing sort of people. We also were full, but couldn’t deny ourselves one or two of the sweet delights offered up by Chef Turbush and his colleagues.

And so it was that we finished our grand meal with Chocolate Mousse Cake and a tasting of High Road Craft Ice Cream & Sorbet. All was good, but the scoop of vanilla ice cream just might be the best ice cream I’ve ever – yes, ever – tasted.

Seeds is a little pricey, but in this case the old saying, “you get what you pay for” rings true. We’ll be back.

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