Monday, April 16, 2012

And then it flickered and all went black …

Just returned from the computer doctor and, for the moment, I’m back in business. My mostly trusty laptop has been puttering about nicely for several years, but in recent months has been showing its age.

Most recently I’d noticed a little flickering at the bottom of the screen. No problem, right? After all, there’s a little bit of flickering when I look out on the world these days. Unfortunately, the little problem – that would be the computer, not my eyes – became a big issue when the flickering morphed into an expansive black screen.

At the risk of stating the obvious, there’s not too much you can do with a computer when you can’t see what you’re trying to type. I could tell that the computer – the innards of the machine with all the magic dust – was still functioning and that all manner of neat and nifty things were going on behind the black screen that had taken center stage on my laptop.

For a day or so, I managed to work around the problem by rebooting the system. The screen seemed a-ok each time it came back up to play. But, eventually, all would go black at some point.

What’s worse – or at least as bad – as being told by your neighborhood computer geek that your laptop has gone belly up? How about being told that all seems right with the computer and that if there is a problem it’s gone into hiding.

So, here I am, pounding away, pushing, pulling and shaking my little high-tech toy, daring it to blink. So far, it’s playing along, holding true and offering up a vibrant, colorful screen for my enjoyment. Stay tuned!

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