Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring in Dixie – chills and coyotes!

Has Mother Nature gone completely mad? Here in the Land of Cotton we woke to a chill in the air, temperatures dipping into the 30s! Afternoon highs weren’t expected to break out of the 60s and a brisk wind throughout the day made it feel like the winter that never showed up this year has finally decided to pay us a visit.

I thought a light jacket was all I needed to stay warm on my morning walk. Wrong! My noggin had goose bumps on top of goose bumps and my hands, nakedly challenging the elements, were chilled and stinging.

My hat and gloves were where you’d expect them to be in mid-April – buried deeply in the hall closet, snoozing with contentment until the first frost of fall. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has been in a bit of a tizzy over the last year, raising the thermostat last winter and offering up a chill this spring. Go figure!
You could hang beef in our den; but that’s fixable. The lovely Miss Wendy has patted off to bed, the perfect opportunity for me to raise the thermostat. Let’s just keep that a little secret between you and me, okay?
After a splendid afternoon – clear, radiant blue skies – temperatures have yet again plummeted into the high 30s tonight. If you get quiet enough, I’m thinking you can hear the piercing whelp of a coyote in the distance. I wonder if it’s too late to dash out and buy a cord of firewood?

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